7 free trial days to test your app

/month (yearly)
iPhone and Android apps
Apps published on App Store and Google Play Store
up to 5 000 users
up to 20k notifications / day
basic app customisation
up to 500 API call / day
+1000 apps integrations
1 language supported
email support
1h of training
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/month (yearly)
starter, plus..
up to 50 000 users
up to 100k notifications / day
app customisation
up to 10k API call / day
app usage analytics
email + chat support
unlimited languages supported
+ 1h of training
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/month (yearly)
growth, plus..
up to 200 000 users
up to 500k notifications / day
up to 500k API call / day
performance servers
+ 1h of training
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Pro, plus..
more than 200 000 users
unlimited notifications
extended app customisation
custom modules
feed content targeting
full app analytics
social plus features
dedicated support engineer
1 day of training
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What does an application include ?

Whatever the plan chosen, an application gives you access to:

  • A native iPhone and native Android app with your logo and colors
  • The publication on the app store (Apple) and the Play Store (Android)
  • Functionality: public news feed
  • Feature: private messaging per user
  • Functionality: custom profile
  • Feature: the notifications
  • Push notifications to your members
  • Easy integration with your tools (CRM, ERP, marketing automation, SMS ..)
  • All the data of your application
  • All future updates
  • Server-side services

Which plan should I choose ?

The first criteria to look at is the number of users you will have on your application. In most cases, the starter pack will allow you to start peacefully. You can change the type of plan at any time.

Can I change plans at any time ?

Of course ! You are free to request an update of your offer or even delete your account whenever you want. Changes to your account will take effect once our team has updated your plan.

What is the limit on the number of notifications?

The notification limitation includes any type of notifications in the application.

example: 1 user comments a post, it will notify the owner of the post as well as the 3 people liking and the 10 people commenting on the post. This will be counted as 3 + 10 notifications.

Do not worry, if you exceed this limit (which is already very high according to the plans), we will just warn you that you have exceeded the limit. If you are often above this limit, we will suggest you to switch to the higher plan.

What is "integration to more than 1000 applications"?

Your application can integrate very easily and without development from you to more than 1000 applications via Zapier.com

To learn more click here

Do you make discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes indeed, we make discount for non-profit organizations. You can contact us to know the modalities and benefit from a preferential rate.

Should I know how to code ?

No, you do not need to know how to code to use MySocialApp. The whole solution is turnkey. The maintenance as well as the updates are operated by our team. If you still want to add features to your application, we provide APIs and integration tools.

What is the purpose of training ?

Training on the use of your application is included in the price of your package. This one will allow you to have answers to all your questions of use of the solution and its integration with your needs. You can benefit from 1 hour of training on request even during the trial period.

Can I monetize the data ?

Yes you can. From the moment you have made the declarations to the necessary authorities you have the right to monetize the data of your users. Besides, you have access to their IDFA and various other information. Contact support to discuss.

Can I use MySocialApp on my website ?

Yes it’s possible ! You can use the content of your application through your website using the MySocialApp API.


Can I export my data ?

Yes, the data of your application belong to you. To export them you can do it from your administrator interface. You can follow this guide here.

How can I contact you ?

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