The most obvious way to bring your community together

Whatever the community, our customers have created their application with MySocialApp. You also federate, share and communicate with your members in real time on your iPhone and Android application. And all without writing a single line of code !

Your own iPhone and Android turnkey app

Your logo, your colors, your rules ! Whether you are a personality, a club or a community, take control of your communication.

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Your users will thank you

Your application has nothing to envy to existing social networks, the grip is obvious and fast. Your members will use your app as if they had always known it.

You are home

No administrator or algorithm that prevent you from delivering the messages you want with your community. All the data belongs to you, become yourself the Facebook of tomorrow !

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Create your app in 3 steps

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    Let's go !

    Log on to to get started

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    Your customization

    Create and customize your logo, your colors, your application for your needs

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    Automatically published

    Your app is automatically published on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. We take care of everything !

Key features

Android & iOS App

Get your own Android and iOS social App for your community. Customize it by your need and make it available through Play Store and App Store in one click


You can send instant notifications to your users at any time. Do not be dependent on other channels to contact your own community members


Your app data belongs to you and only you ! Use it to improve their experience and services


Interconnect your app with your tools (CRM, ERP, SMS, email, machine learning, Facebook..) in all simplicity and without coding


Get usage statistics for your app, optimize the content you want to display to your users

No code

You do not need to know how to code to create your app with MySocialApp. You are spared months of research and development !

Performance and security

Infinitely scalable

MySocialApp was designed to accommodate very large communities. Need more capacity ? You are one click away from being able to do it

Save time

Spend time with your community rather than the technique. Never be annoyed again by problems of operation

Real time

MySocialApp is very low latency and is ideal for communicating interactively with your community


Our infrastructure was designed to be resilient and not susceptible to breakdown, we guarantee an uptime of 99.999% per year

Data encryption

The data security of our customers is a real concern, that is why all our data are stored on encrypted disks


MySocialApp runs on a Cassandra cluster with built-in replication. It stores your data in at least 3 places, which makes it unlikely to get lost.